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The New SEO
“Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization for BC businesses”

Many small businesses in British Columbia are seeking ways to bring their company web sites into the internet public eye. After all what good is a web site that no one can find and few visit?

In the old days of SEO, also referred to as Search Engine Optimization, SEO specialists could clean up a mass of diluted web site code, direct the home page and linked pages to specific search engine terms and tweak overall web sites for search engine readability.

However, with the mass usage of the internet and the never-ending numbers of new web sites emerging, being high on a search engine listing result is as tricky as pulling a real rabbit out of a bottomless hat. The old tricks and tweaks simply do not make a great deal of difference when hundreds of thousands of web site pages are identical to a search term.

For BC small businesses online marketing is a competitive business. Many small businesses are on a budget and although the need to catch a piece of the internet consumer action is high, the costs of expensive SEO firms are simply not generators of enough web site traffic to meet a small business growth needs.

BC's oldest community web site (read article on authority web sites and SEO in this series), developed a unique partnership with small business to increase search engine traffic to the small business web sites directly and indirectly. Authority web sites like are becoming increasingly important to SEO for small business web sites.

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