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- selection of sample SEO services web sites from 2014 to current -

With a decade of providing SEO expertise, the better placement of web sites in major search engine results is also long lasting. Although we cannot guarantee the same high rate of success for all web sites, there is noticeable improvement.
Epona Stable went live on the net in 2001 with our web site design and optimization and has continued to be in the top 10 search engine listings over the years.

With competition becoming fierce on the major search engines, we boosted the horse riding stable's search engine presence with Visit Vancouver's advertising services which made sense since the horse riding business is in British Columbia and the Visit Vancouver web site is not only one of Canada's oldest live web sites but also caters to the increased effectiveness of BC businesses online.

VSSEAC is a social, cultural and sports club which needed a boost in the search engines. In 2014, we redesigned the web site and included SEO optimization with a recent Visit Vancouver business review of VSSEAC whichrose the web site to 4th on the Googleseach engine out of 497 results for "reviews VSSEAC" since internet folks rely on reviews fromestablished and reliable sources which the Visit Vancouver web site is known for. Not bad!

The Standardbred Retraining web site was designed and optimized by us. The site went live in January 2010 and has risen and continues to stay in the top 10 search results for all of its search engine keywords.
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