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Reviews and SEO
“Online marketing and Search Engine Optimization for BC businesses”
continued from The New SEO

One of the latest trends of the web searching public is to check online reviews of a business. Initially, the idea of web sites that exist for the public to write reviews on companies was a good one, but with the ease of disguising who is writing the review, of checking the authenticity of the reviewer, and whether the reviewer was paid to write the review, user contributed review web sites are often more damaging to a business than an attribute.

From a SEO perspective, there is not one single user contributed review web site that can generate the amount of traffic that a major search engine can to a small business company web site.

The dubious and doubtful nature of user contributed reviews on a review web site is not productive for a company's web site and can often be misleading for the public (it is wellknown that disgruntled customers use the internet to vent while satisfied customers rarely seek out review web sites).

To counteract the sometimes dubious tactics of user contributed reviews on review web sites, other types of reviews are emerging from established authority web sites. These reviews are not critiques, they are informative and usually written on a web page of an authority web site. Major search engine(s) seek information from authority web sites for the credibility of that information. A small business review from an authority web site will result in more key search terms and web site traffic directly to the small company web site. is an authority web site which provides inexpensive review advertising that benefits small businesses in British Columbia. Here is an example of what a review from an authority web site might look like. Notice that the review web page is submitted to the major search engines specifically for this small business.

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